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' What's your favorite scary movie?'
Cannibals attack humans in the desert
People who are captured by a legend
Kid murders his father with the old man's gun
Vampire vs Monster
Shapeshifting alien
Skin Mask
' You will die in seven days.'
Zombies can run!
Murderer targets Dr.'s patients
Kid's doll
Devil inside of a Girl
One creepy Clown
Mute man murders his own relatives
' I'll rip your soul apart.'
Hooper, Brady, and Quint
Liver, Fava Beans, Chianti. Yum.
This film has a lot to do with phones and spirits.
Beings from outer space vs beings with food chain names(I know this isn't a horror film, but the aliens sort of make it a hybrid.).
Fall asleep? Dead.
Hockey masked killer who loves his mommy.
Classic Battle between killers.
Young kid, devil's son.
Abusive husband, wife leaves, and dates another man.
Horror or Hoax?
Experiment gone wrong, man turns into a bug.
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar
Inspired the Grudge
Girl who cuts off the limbs of her boyfriends.

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