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Can you name the These 30 WWE Superstars??

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Quote or NicknameWWE StarReal Name
DeadmanMark Calaway
Ultimate OpportunistAdam Copeland
' I've been waiting my whole life for this.'Jason Reso
The ChampJohn Cena
Shaman of SexyJohn Hennigan
PerfectionNick Nemeth
The Perfect OneCurt Hennig
HitmanBret Hart
The Powerhouse(No, not Shad.)Ron Simmons
Pie eating, Jabrone beating....Dwayne Johnson
Quote or NicknameWWE StarReal Name
Heartbreak KidMichael Shawn Hickenbottom
Hunter Hearst HelmsleyPaul Levesque
'The Pinnacle' Stu Standers(No, not Stu Standers.)Stuart Bennett
One Man Rock BandHeath Miller
The Master of the 450 SplashPaul Lloyd, Jr.
The Guyanese GoliathRycklon Stephens
Latino HeatEduardo Guerrero
' Russia!'Josip Peruzovic
Air BourneMatthew Korklan
The Fortunate SonTheodore DiBiase, Jr.
Quote or NicknameWWE StarReal Name
Million Dollar ManTheodore DiBiase, Sr.
Controlled FrenzyKofi Sarkodie-Mensah
Mr. AmericaTerry Bollea
RowdyRoderick Toombs
' Have a Nice Day'Mick Foley
' Have a Nice Day'(Also has a mask.)Mick Foley
' Have a Nice Day' (____ ____)Mick Foley
' Have a Nice Day' (His name refers to a Cactus.)Mick Foley
The KingJerry Lawler
The Awesome One (I don't agree with him, by the way.)Mike Mizanin

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