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QUIZ: Can you name the Riichi Mahjong Yaku?

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Name in EnglishAnswer in Japanese
One Shot
Ready on First Tile
Fully Concealed Hand
All Simples
Peace Hand
Mixed Triple Chows
Pure Straight
Dragon Pung
Seat/ Prevalent Wind
Outside Hand
After a Kong
Stealing a Kong
Bottom of the Sea
Seven Pairs
Triple Pung
Three Concealed Pungs
Three Kongs
All Pungs
Name in EnglishAnswer in Japanese
Half Flush
Little Three Dragons
All Terminals and Honours
Terminals in All Sets
Twice Pure Double Chow
Full Flush
All Terminal/Honour Discards
Thirteen Orphans
Nine Gates
Blessing of Heaven
Blessing of Earth
Blessing of Man
Four Concealed Pungs
All Green
All Terminals
All Honours
Big Three Dragons
Little Four Winds
Big Four Winds

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