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Which is the only country which does not recognise Armenia?
Which are the only two other UN Member States who are not recognised by only one other UN member?
Which three non-UN member states, which once formed part of the former Soviet Union, recognise the independence of Abkhazia?
Which six UN Member States recognise Abkhasia?
Which is the only de facto sovereign state not recognised by any other state?
Which is the only fully recognised country which is not a Member State of the UN?
Which two UN member states are substantially partially unrecognised?
Which 5 EU Member States do not recognise the independence of Kosovo?
What is the 'Republic of China' otherwise known as?
The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic claims sovereignty over the territory of which country?
South Korea and which other country do not recognise North Korea?
Which two non-UN member states have Observer Status?
Which is the most recent Member State of the UN?
In which year did the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus unilaterally declare independence?
In which two regions of the EU are independence referenda expected to be held in 2014?

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