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There are several Exotic weapons in Destiny. Can you name them all?

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Forced Order
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HintWeapon NameOther Info
Slow-firing high-impact Auto RifleFirst tier Exotic
Fast-firing Hand CannonSecond tier Exotic
Fast firing accurate Scout RifleSecond tier Exotic
Powerful Rocket LauncherTop tier Exotic
Unlimited ammo Sniper RifleSecond tier Exotic
Giant Void Rocket LauncherSecond tier Exotic
Only way to get it is the Vault of Glass Hard modeTop tier Exotic
Hand Cannon that does damage over timeFirst tier Exotic
Pulse Rifle obtained through a bountyThird tier Exotic
Arc damage Machine GunFirst tier Exotic
Shotgun in your primary slotThird tier Exotic
Dark Below Sniper Rifle, worst ExoticFourth tier Exotic
HintWeapon NameOther Info
Dark Below Rocket Launcher, shark's mouthThird tier Exotic
Shotgun obtained through a bountySecond tier Exotic
Auto Rifle upgraded from Eidolon Ally, Dark BelowThird tier Exotic
Four-barreled Shotgun, Playstation exclusiveFourth tier Exotic
Powerful Hand Cannon, Playstation exclusiveFirst tier Exotic
Fast-firing accurate Auto-Rifle, Playstation exclusiveThird tier Exotic
Machine Gun obtained through bountyThird tier Exotic
Arc damage Sniper Rifle, cloaking effect while crouchedSecond tier Exotic
Fast-firing high recoil Auto-Rifle, all blueThird tier Exotic
Fusion Rifle obtained through a bountryThird tier Exotic
Arc damage quick reloading Fusion RifleFirst tier Exotic

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