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Can you name the Warrior Cats Leaders?

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Forced Order
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The fire that saved the Clans
The fire that was destroyed by water
The leader with only eight lives
The first leader of ThunderClan
The first leader of ShadowClan
Brother of Graywing the Wise
The first leader of RiverClan
The mother of the first medicine cat
Best friend of a kittypet
Nephew of number 9
Once an unfailing supporter of Tigerstar
The cat that was not meant to be born
The only leader that was a son of a medicine cat
Half kittypet, half ShadowClan
Tawnypelt's mate
Left ThunderClan to become a kittypet
Warned by StarClan that one of her cats would leave the Clan
Jaw was deformed after a fall
Named for her spotted pelt
Half-ThunderClan, half-RiverClan she-cat
Denied nine lives because number 13 was alive
Leader before number 14
Mate of number 8
Leader after number 4
The leader of SkyClan when they were driven out of the forest

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