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War of _______ Ear
Thomas Paine Wrote
England Government
Maria Theresa and Jospeh II limited
Britian and France fought for control of
Maria Theresa was able to recieve Hapsburg authority
'L'etat, c'est moi'
Valued Crop
Revocation of the _______
Family that ruled Prussia
Ivan the _______
Second stage of European development
The godly right of Kings
Catherine the Great Ruled
Spanish trading system
Borne in Spain
Declaration of _______, in which Charles II imposed
War of the Spanish Succeddion outcome for France
_______ Wilkes
Mercantilism is based off the amount of
Manages Louis XIV economy
Company that exchanged out government bonds for shares of its stock
BOP definition
St. _________
________ Acts
No taxation without ______
German noble landowners
French courts dominated by nobility
Needed _____to collect sugar

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