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CluePlayerPosition on Team
Ireland's team captain at the World Cup
Puddlemere United gains this player after they leave Hogwarts
This player performed the Wronski Feint
A friend of Slughorn's and captain of the Holyhead Harpies
This person played for the Gryffindor team from Harry's fifth year and up
Along with Mullet and Moran, this player led Ireland to a Quidditch World Cup victory
This person had to 'buy their way' onto the Slytherin team
This player was forced into an early 'retirement' after a messy Quidditch Cup that left her bitter towards the Slytherin team
Played for the Ravenclaw team in Harry's third year
Played for Ireland, opposite Quigley
This player's father is glad his child 'beat Harry Potter'
The Wimbourne Wasps had this character playing for them in the 70s
CluePlayerPosition on Team
These three were players on Harry's year 1 Quidditch team (Alphabetical by and last names only)
These two replace Fred and George on the Gryffindor team (last names only, alphabetical)
In Harry's fifth year, this player, first name Jack was a substitute
This Gryffindor 'could be a world class player, and I wouldn't keep him'
First captain of the Slytherin team, this player also was held back a year at hogwarts, according to JKR
After this Gryffindor player left, the team hadn't won the Quidditch cup until Harry came along...
In the movie, this Gryffindor player's position was changed from the book's statement.
This Slytherin player was shoved into a Vanishing Cabinet by Fred and George...
In Harry's first year, this boy played against him in his first ever match
This player has won two Quidditch cups, and played on their team for five years
This player rode a Cleansweep 11 and played for two years at Hogwarts

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