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'Equal volumes of gases under idenitcal temperature and pressure will contain equal numbers of particles'
Dalton's Law states the pressure of a mixture of gases is ___ to the sum of the partial pressures of the component gases
'Pressure of a gas varies directly with temperature'
Boyle's Law states pressure and volume have a _____ relationship
Henry's law states the solubility of a gas (unless highly soluable) is directly proportional to the ______ applied to the gas
Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be _____ or _____
Graham's Law states the the rate of diffusion or effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the ___ ___ of its molecular mass
Periodic Law states the chemical properties of elements vary periodically according to their ____ _____
'Most metals require ____ cal of heat in order to raise the temperature of ___ gram-atomic mass by ___ degrees celcius (numerical values)
Ideal gas law: The state of an amount of gas is determined by its____, ____, and ____ (alphabetical)
The total energy of the universe is constant and it is neither created nor destoryed. This is the First...
Entropy increases over time (This law 'follows' question 11)

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