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Beginning in 1801, traditional religion staged a dramatic comeback in the form of a wave of revivalism know as the ____ ____ ___
The French architect Pierre L’Enfant had designed the ____ on a grand scale
This supreme court case established judicial review ______v._____
During Jefferson era this land double the size of the United States ______.
This explorer said that there was uninhabitable and uncultivated desert.
This politically created the national bank
Who killed the politically that created the national bank
____ ____ prohibited American ships from leaving the United States for for any foreign port anywhere in the world
To replace the Embargo, Congress passed the ______ _____ _____ just before Madison took office.
Voters from these regions elected a large number of representatives of both parties eager of war with Britain.
After French Empire was final defeat what event was an effect from it?
Group of delegates meet and were discussing if they should have secession which let to their downfall in power
____ ____ created an invisible line that divided the United States with free and slave states.
Law that forbade American ships from sailing to foreign ports and closed American ports to British ships
American blacksmith that was responsible for inventing the steel plow. This new plow was much stronger than the old iron version; therefore, it made plowing farmland in the west e
A northern American politician. He developed the American System as well as negotiated numerous compromises.
American educator who was the first secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, suggested reforms in education
A leading attorney who argued many famous cases in the Supreme Court. Congressman from New Hampshire and senator representing Massachusetts.
Boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland that divided the Middle Colonies from the Southern Colonies
1755-1835. U.S. Chief Supreme Court Justice. Oversaw over 1000 decisions, including Marbury v Madison and McCulloch v. Maryland.
An American political party formed in the 1830s to oppose President Andrew Jackson and the Democrats, stood for protective tariffs, national banking, and federal aid for internal i
Identical components that can be used in place of one another in manufacturing
Established national supremacy; established implied powers; use of elastic clause; state unable to tax fed. institution; John Marshall; 'the power to tax involves the power to dest
Developed in the textile mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, in the 1820s, in these factories as much machinery as possible was used, so that few skilled workers were needed in the pro
Economic downturn caused by loose lending practices of state banks' and over speculation. Martin Van Buren spent most of his time in office attempting to stabilize and lessen the e

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