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consists of vertices and nodes which are connected by edges
part of a graph
A graph that has a number assosiated with each edge.
The amount of edges incident to it
A finite sequence of edges where the end vertex of one edge in the sequence is the start vertex of the next, and in which no vertex appears more than once.
A path in which you are permitted to return to vercities more than once.
a closed path. i.e. the end vertex of the last edge is the start vertex of the first edge
two verticies are this if there is a path between them
an edge that starts and finnishes at the same vertex
a graph in which there are no loops and not more than one edge connecting any pair of verttices
an edge of a graph with a direction assosiated with it
The graph of above is known as...
a connected graph with no cycles
a sub grapph which includes all the vercities of the original graph and is also a tree
two sets of verticies where the edges only join vertices in one set to verticies in the other
a graph where there are r vertices in one set and s verticies in the other set
a graph in which every vertex is directly connected by an edge to each other verticy
graphs that show the same information but are drawn differently
records the number of direct links between vertices
records the wieght on the edges. Where there is no wieght, this is indicated by ( - )

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