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Can you name the Pirate Crews from One Piece?

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Ship (if known or other)Crew
Miss Love Duck
Shark Supurb
New Witch's Tongue
Ship Unknown (Fought the Galley-La workers)
Bezan Black
Ship Unknown (Defeated Portgas D. Ace)
Ship Unknown (From Chopper's Home Island)
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew who likes food)
Big Top
Dreadnaught Sabre
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew who introduce Ancient Zoan)
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew inspired by Al Capone)
Sexy Foxy
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew who are superstisious)
Ship (if known or other)Crew
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew who is also a doctor)
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew from sky isalnd)
Ship Unknown (Supernova's crew with magnetic powers)
Ship Unknown (Abducted Keimi 31 times)
Thriller Bark
Ship Unknown (Captain is Scratchmen Apoo)
Red Force
Oro Jackson
Ship Unknown (All their shadows were stolen)
Ship Unknown (Lead by Roshio the executioner)
Ship Unknown (Friends of Laboon)
Ship Unknown (The captain was Montblanc cricket)
Going Merry (Former); Thousand Sunny
Moby Dick

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