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keywordsEpisode Name
Radioactive, Jaden, Gia
Admiral Jarok, Nelvana III, Felodesine chip
Paxans, T-Tauri, Xenophobes
Major Rakal, N'Vek, Tal Shiar
Hathaway, Stragegema, 'Bust him up!'
Dytallix B, Walker Keel, 'Vitamins... they do wonders for the body'
Gilgamesh, 'Shaka, when the walls fell', Metaphor
Kivas Fajo, Varon-T disruptor, Roger Maris baseball card
keywordsEpisode Name
Benjamin Maxwell, 'It's not you I hate, Cardassian. I hate what I became because of you.', 'The minstrel boy '
Nikolai, Boraalans, 'the Sign of La Forge'
Robin Hood, Vash, 'I am not a merry man!'
Crimson Force Field, Pakleds, 'We are Smart'
Kevin Uxbridge, Husnock, 'I am not certain if he should be praised or condemned. Only that he should be left alone'
Metaphasic shield, Dr. Reyga, Tennis elbow
Gomtuu, Tam Elbrun, Ghorusda Disaster
Armus, 'Data, something's got me!', 'No goodbyes, just good memories. Hailing frequencies closed, sir. '
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