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Can you name the Can you name the trivia about the Simpsons episode 'The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson'?

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Who draw the black egg from the jar at Moe's Tavern?
The song 'Oh Yeah' by Swedish band Yello signals the entry of which mascot?
What should Barney do with Homer's car in the morning?
Marge can sit there finding faults with Homer's homemade car, or she could ...?
Homer passed through New York to get to Harrisburg. Why was he going there?
According to Bart, who judges places that they've never been to?
What music is playing during Homer's recount of his trip to New York?
Why did Homer end up running for his life?
And then who finally got him?
Whose legs does Homer mistake for his own on the road coach?
Upon arriving in New York, who does Bart mistake for ZZ Top?
The vendor at the World Trade Centre sells 'No pizza! Only ...'?
'Now what do you have to wash that awful taste out of my mouth?'
What do Marge and Lisa find 'sleeping' upside down and inside out in a Chinatown butch shop?
After drinking his beverages, where was Homer finally able to relieve himself?
What magazine office does Bart visit?
Which Broadway musical does the rest of the Simpson family go to see?
'Brain, how can I ever thank you?'
What does Homer borrow to remove the tyre clamp on his car?
What sort of vehicle does Homer find himself driving behind on the way out of New York?

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