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Can you name the characters who have died on The Simpsons??

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Character descriptionCharacterCause of death
Grampa Simpson's girlfriend ('Old Money')Burst ventricle, broken heart
Jazz musicianIllness and operation complications
Temporary nanny for The Simpsons ('Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D'oh-cious')Pulled into an aeroplane jet engine
Prohibition police chief ('Homer vs. the 18th Amendment')Catapulted out of town
Disgruntled nuclear co-worker ('Homer's Enemy')Electrocution
Navy captain ('Simpson Tide')Torpedoed from submarine
Homer's pet lobster ('Lisa Gets an A')Boiled alive
Steak-eating trucker ('Maximum Homerdrive')Beef overdose
Character descriptionCharacterCause of death
Flanders matriarchFall from grandstand
Congressman ('Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington')Heart attack
Family catsVarious freak accidents
Guest cameo ('All's Fair In Oven War')Attacked by Cletus
Corrupt health inspector ('Mommie Beerest')Food poisoning
Simpson matriarch Unknown/natural causes
Guest cameo ('The Simpsons Movie')Drowned in polluted lake
Springfield Mafia DonCardiac arrest

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