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Can you name the The Wrestling Career of Mick Foley?

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Mick Foley Attacked At His WCW Debut
The Man Mick Foley Faced When He Tore Off His Ear
The Only Championship Mick Foley Won In WCW
The Fan's Chants Towards Mick Foley In His Last ECW Match
Mick Foley's First WWF Persona/Gimmick
Mick Foley's First WWF Feud Was Against...
Mick Foley's WWF PPV Debut
Mick Foley's First Title Shot In WWF Was Against...
Mick Foley's Second WWF Persona/Gimmick
Mick Foley's First Championship In WWF
Mick Foley's Third WWF Persona/Gimmick
The Type Of Match Foley And The Undertaker Had At The `King Of The Ring` PPV
Mick Foley's Sock's Name
The Man Mick Foley Took His First WWF Title From
The Type Of Match Foley And The Rock Had At The `Royal Rumble 1999` PPV
The Name Of Rock's And Foley's Famous Tag Team
Mick Foley`s First Book's Title
Mick Doley Was Forced To Retire In A Match Against...
Mick Foley Got Rehired By Linda McMahon As The....
Mick Foley's Second Book's Title
Mick Foley's Third Book's Title
Mick Foley's Last WWE Match Was A...
Mick Foley's Fourth Book's Title
Mick Foley Than Signed A Short-Term Contract With....
Foley's First Championship In TNA
Foley's Secound Title In TNA
Mick Foley's Finisher #1
Mick Foley's Finisher #2

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