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Who was Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
What is conscription?
What were the four causes of the World War 1?
Who was Gavrillo Princip?
Who killed Ferdinand?
What was Princip a member of?
What is Industrial Mobilization?
What were some defensive weapons?
What other technological innovations in the war?
What is the meaning of Total War?
What is a 'Blank Check'?
What is attrition?
What were kill ratios dependant on?
What will Germany back Austria-Hungary up with?
Was Germany responsible for causing World War 1?
How did they cause it?
How many people died in World War 1?
Was World War 1 avoidable?
What weapons were use in World War 1?
Why the United States Entered World War I?
Who started World War 1?
What was a major 'first' in the Great War?
What was the Americans’ main goal at Versailles described as?
Which of the great powers did not take part in the negotiations at Versailles?
What was the purpose of the National War Labor Board?

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