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Can you name the 50 best independent movies according to IMDb voters?

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1994Quentin Tarantino
1975Milos Forman
1995Brian Singer
1995David Fincher
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1994Luc Besson
2000Christopher Nolan
1964Stanley Kubrick
1979Francis Ford Coppola
1998Tony Kaye
1957Stanley Kubrick
1999Sam Mendes
2000Darren Aronofsky
1992Quentin Tarantino
2004Michel Gondry
1975Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones
1984Milos Forman
1968Stanley Kubrick
1996Joel & Ethan Coen
2004Terry George
1998Joel & Ethan Coen
1986Oliver Stone
2003Quentin Tarantino
1996Danny Boyle
1998Guy Ritchie
2007Sean Penn
1956Stanley Kubrick
2000Alejandro González Iñárritu
2001Richard Kelly
1967Mike Nichols
1968Anthony Harvey
1974John Cassavetes
1982Werner Herzog
2003Andrei Zvyagintsev
1973Franklin J. Schaffner
1999David Lynch
1977Moustapha Akkad
2002Marek Koterski
1989Woody Allen
1996Billy Bob Thornton
1999Paul Thomas Anderson
1978George A. Romero
2004Richard Linklater
1968George A. Romero
1964Bryan Forbes
2004Edgar Wright
1990Kevin Costner
2001David Lynch
2009Duncan Jones

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