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Can you name the the interesting facts of Johnny Depp??

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Where was Johnny born?Somewhere in the 17th state, alphabetically of curse
How old was he and why did he drop out of school?High School, something involving a guitar
What garage band did he play in that opened for Iggy Pop?Younger than teenagers, older than infants
When in between jobs, what item did he sell over the phone?Writing utensil, not erasable but not permanent
Which actor persuaded him to get into acting?National Treasure
What movie did he make his film debut in?Scary for the 80s, knives for fingers
What T.V. show launched him into stardom?Undercover cop
What was the first movie Depp and Burton did together?Crazy hair, scratches on face, dressed in all black
What movie did he act opposite Al Pacino?Undercover FBI agent
What was the name of the club he owned?River Phoenix died outside of it in 1993
Why was he arrested in 1994?Happened in New York
What's his daughters name and his sons name?The two main character in Legend
What British band has he recorded twice with?Wonderwall
What rule does he have for fans wanting his autograph and/or his picture?The small Depps
What are the names of the women he has dated?One's a klepto, one's British, and one's French
Where is the tatoo of his daughters name?I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye that this one is easy
What cartoon was he a guest star on in 2009?Everybody's favorite sponge
What years was he People's Most Sexiest Man Alive?Those were good years...
What movies did he do basically for free?He and two others gave their salaries from this movie to the daughter of an actor
What soap opera was he obsessed with as a child?Gothic-themed, aired on ABC from 1966-1971

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