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QUIZ: Can you name the all of the characters who are named in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip?

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The Strip's Main Protagonist
Tiger Friend
Maternal Figure
Paternal Figure
Protagonist's Uncle
Girl Down The Street
Girl's Stuffed Rabbit
Girl's Doll
School Bully
Protagonist's Teacher
School Principal
Another Teacher ('Who was that?' 'Beats me, ___')
Baseball Coach
Substitue Teacher (rumored to have killed a kid)
Babysitter's Boyfriend
Teenage Girl (refused to babysit)
Alien (leaf dealer and planet connoisseur)
Alien (leaf dealer and planet connoisseur)
Adult Next-door Neighbor
Another Barber
Private Eye (alter ego)
Superhero (alter ego)
Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire (alter ego)
Student (eaten by the tiger)
Student (jumped at the water fountain)
Student ('I barely know him, ___')
Kindly Old Elf, or CIA Spook?
Author of 'Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie'

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