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Can you name the state based on these 'rejected' mottos?

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Home of David Letterman
Official home of the winter ski bunny
Where 'family values' has a different meaning
Where men are lonely and sheep are scared
Gateway to Florida
We're more than a big city; we're a state
If it weren't for Washington DC, you couldn't find us
We don't care if you spell potato with an 'e'
Don't judge us by Cleveland
The Granola State
You can spit on Canada from here
There once was a man from Nantucket
Book 'em Danno
Way too close to New York
You'll need a map to find us
Size ain't everything
Land of the voting dead
Here's mine, Show Me yours
At least we're not Mississippi
Come, freeze your butt off
Winter home to 150,000 snowbirds
The OTHER South Dakota
About as exciting as Vermont
We're lucky we can spell it
Literacy ain't everything
We like our state, so STAY OUT!
Closer than North Dakota
There's no place like home
Bet ya can't name 2 of our towns
Swim the beautiful Bayou
Thank goodness we've still got Elvis
As pretty as California but not as weird
Senior citizen discounts available
Tobacco is a vegetable
Just east of Omaha
Please don't confuse us with West Virginia!
Cook with coal
We have our own nuclear testing site
We're OK, you're NOT!
Land of the Big Sky, and very little else
See, EVERYTHING is bigger!
Just south of North Carolina
Tell 'em Guido sent ya
Say 'Cheeeese'
Five million people; Fifteen last names
Land of the free, home of the Buick
More corn than Kansas
Lizards make excellent pets
Our Jesus is better than your Jesus
Not Sweden, but we try to act like it

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