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Can you name the Character(s) Who Saves Frodo For Each Time He Almost Dies?

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Perilous ScenarioSavior
Almost killed on the way to Bree
Almost stabbed in his sleep in Bree
Almost killed by Nazgul at Weathertop
Almost killed by Nazgul on way to Rivendell
Almost killed by Morgul Blade's poison
Almost eaten by Guardian of the Waters
Almost skewered by a cave troll*
Almost killed by insurmountable numbers of orcs in Dwarrowdelf
Almost falls off / gets crushed on stairs in Khazad-dum
Almost killed by Balrog
Almost killed by Uruk-Hai
Almost captured by Uruk-Hai
Almost killed by Gollum in Emyn Muil
Almost drowned in Dead Marshes
Perilous ScenarioSavior
Almost discovered by Nazgul fly-by in Dead Marshes
Almost discovered by Easterlings outside Black Gate*
Almost captured by Nazgul in Osgiliath
Walks toward Minas Morgul for some reason
Gets caught in Shelob's web*
Almost devoured by Shelob
Captured by orcs in Cirith Ungol
Almost discovered by orcs in the plains of Gorgoroth
Almost dies of exhaustion/starvation/ smoke inhalation on the foothills of Mount Doom
Almost killed by Gollum at Crack of Doom
Puts on the Ring while behind enemy lines in Mordor
Almost falls into volcanic precipice
Almost buried in lava
Almost dies of natural causes

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