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Can you name the superheroes given the plotline as if they didn't have powers?

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Forced Order
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Socially awkward teenager grows up and makes a living shooting photos for a respectable newspaper.
Orphan falls in well and develops an acute animal phobia. Grows up to become CEO of a multinational company.
Boy is blinded in youth, becomes a successful lawyer.
Intelligent scientist with an explosive temper is killed by an over-exposure to gamma radiation.
Orphan found in a field and is raised by farmers. Eventually gets a job at a respectable newspaper.
Team of four researchers investigate solar activity. All four are killed by a solar flare.
Fighter pilot finds alien crash-landed in the desert. Reports it to Area 51 and goes back to work.
Billionaire industrialist is captured by terrorist sect. Builds a bomb for them.
Bald guy opens school for social outcasts. They have a jet for some reason.
Soldier brings shield to World War II with him. Laughed at by his comrades.
Man's family is killed by the mob. He uses automatic weapons to hunt the mobsters, rather than leave it to the police. He is caught and hauled off to jail.
Forensic scientist's lab is struck by lightning. After several weeks in hospital care, he returns to work.
Disabled medical student finds walking stick. Helps him climb mountain.

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