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Can you name the minor/obscure Lord of the Rings items, places and people?

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Name of the battering ram that broke the doors to Minas Tirith
Leader of the Elves in the Last Alliance
Name of his glaive
The tower atop Minas Tirith
Name of Elrond/Arwen's sword
Leader of the Uruk-Hai at Amon Hen
Former name of Minas Morgul
Alternate name for the Weathertop
The statues towering over the River Anduin
Race of people that almost discover Frodo and Sam at Black Gate
The deceased whose tomb is visited by the Fellowship while in Moria
Namesake of Helm's Deep
Elven shipwright; Lord of the Grey Havens; Original owner of Narya, the Ring of Fire
Name of the rocky setting at the beginning of Two Towers
'Best weed in the South Farthing'
Wizard with the title 'the Brown'
Tower where Frodo is taken after his battle with Shelob
Route Gandalf and the Balrog took 'from the lowest dungeon to the highest peak'
Name of that highest peak
Location within Mount Doom where Sauron forged the Ring
Alternate name for Mount Doom
Name of the towers framing the Black Gate
The Golden Hall of Edoras
The Elven city within the woods of Lothlorien
Gandalf's sword
Name of the 'wolves of Isengard'
The Riders of Rohan
Formal name for Oliphaunts
Leader of the Galadhrim at Helm's Deep
The name of King Theoden's sword
Aragorn wears the Ring of __________

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