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The Jerri 'Blanks'Answers
'I like the pole and the ____'
Your just a rack of bones covered in a ____ _____ __ ___'
'I cried when I had no shoes, untill I saw a man with no feet. Then I _______ ______ ____!'
'I'd wake up with _____ __ __ ___ and then we'd get high'
'Greeks are just Jews _______ _____'
'And as for that red headed spitfire Tammi Littlenut, lets just say ___ ______ _______ ___ ______.'
'Where were you? I'll repeat the question, ____ ____ ___ __ ____?'
'Of course their my friends. If they wernt, why would they offer to ____ __ _____?
Hows it going, Suzy? Nice _____ ___.
'Who wants to go to a ____ _____? I'll drive!'
The Jerri 'Blanks'Answers
'Wow! Fatty Salty Crispies! Salty Crispy Fatties! _____ _____ ________ _____!
'_______? Hobocamp? Ho- Hobocamp?
'My friends were dealers, cons, and __ ______ _____'
'Black and white, out of sight!, Black and _____, _____ ____ __ ____'
'Boo Hoo! I wont be dining with a ___ _____ _____!'
Oh course! Becky Ann Bedicer! Swwet girl, but a face _ ___ ____ ____ __ ___!'
I dont know why your people are so offended by your resemblance to monkeys, _____ ________!'
'Thats funny, why does your finger _____ ____ ___ ___?'
'I wouldnt mind shoving something __ ____ ___ __ _____'
'I would never give you up for adoption! I traded you for a guitar. And all these years I wondered ____ ________ __ ____ ______'

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