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Forced Order
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What is the senate? A.) Sheev Palpatine B.) the governing body of the Galactic Republic
Does Palpatine have A.) limited power B.) unlimited power
What should Anakin do? A.) kill him B.) take him prisoner
When should Anakin do this? A.) now B.) later
Should Anakin really do it? A.) on second thoughts, better not B.) do it
Is the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise... A.) an ancient sith legend B.) a show on MTV
Could Darth Plagueis stop the ones he cared about from dying? A.) nah mate B.) you bet your sweet ass he could
Is it possible to learn this power? A.) sure B.) not from a jedi
When threatened by a jedi, what is the correct response? A.) Sheev spin B.) take the motion to the senate
When proposed emergency powers, should you.. A.) accept with great reluctance B.) decline and insist on reinstating that joker velorum
Did Anakin do A.) gooooooood B.) so bad
Will the oppression of the sith ever return? A.) no..noo... you will die!! b.) it will, i promise

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