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Can you name the Who Said It? Wizards of Waverly Place Edition?

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I am going to ask it if I will ever be able to pull off skinny jeans!
Wow, sometimes I dont Have to do anything and I still win!
I am going to write a strongly worded letter to the reviewer
Yea, I've had this shoes for about a week. Oh, I mean, I'd give them to you but, I already promised them to another charity.
TJ Taylor's a wizard? Then that magic act he did at the school talent show was fake... I mean real, which is what made it fake. Oh, he needs to return that first-place ribbon; I'm
Don't worry, Honey. I'm going to help you with your EspaƱol.
Oooo! A catwalk!
Battle Diva, Rise to the stars where you belong!
Pop corn is in town?
Ooh, cute tights. Oh my gosh, I totally have the same pair. Yeah.
Hey, did you bring your action figures?
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