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QUIZ: Can you name the Who Said It? Harry Potter edition!?

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QuoteWho Said It?
Only I can live forever
I hope there's pudding!
We have always been with you Harry
Don't tell me you've grown a liking for the boy
No you don't Harry! Your Family is dead!
Im a very happy elf to have such great friends, harry potter
Me and Ginny prepared a cake!
Lets end this the way we started it! TOGETHER
Your free to share my stall
And did you ever hear dumbledore say anything about his brother?
Don't look at me hideous!
QuoteWho Said It?
I feel holy George...Get it?
People die everyday..yeah today we lost Harry but he didnt die in vain and neither did fred, lupin or tonks. But you will!
You musnt tell lies
The ministry has fallen...the minister is dead
Look at me have your mother's eyes
Don't do it Harry!
Your safe now
Not one can live while the other survives
Have you been in my vault?!?!
Dont touch my daughter you .....!

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