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Who's Snow White's Daughter?First name only
At what age did Emma have Henry?But she gave him up for adoptation
Who killed Sheriff Graham?First and Last.
Who is Henry's therapist?First name, and last name;)
Who's Archie's best friend?First name only
What did Mrs. Blanchard want Henry to have?The book brought it to him:)
Prince Charming was forced into ________To unite to civilizations
What sparked David Nolan's memory?In Mr. Gold's shop
What did they call David in the hopsital?First and Last
How many drinks did Mary Margeret have when David broke her heart?Number! (5, 8, 2 etc)
What is Archie's prized item?his _____________
When Regina told Henry she was at a meeting, where was she really?(Name's) house
Where does Sheriff Graham volunteer?No 'the' or 'a'
Who plays Snow White/Mary Margeret Blanchard?The Beautiful:)
Who plays Prince Charming?LOVEEEE
Rumplestilskin wants what from Cinderella?Her ______
What does Cinderella name her baby?And in StoryBrooke too:)
Who is the 'savior'?First Name Only
Where does Henry go to think?His ________ _________
What episode did Prince Charming's destiny get altered?One of my faves:)
Who killed the dragon?Luvvvv
Where did Emma live before?Just City
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