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What was his first song?
What is his favorite color to look at?
What is his favorite color to wear?
What is his youtube account?
What is his mom's name?
His dads name?
His brother's name?
His sister's name?
His mentor?
What is his favorite show as of 2011?
What was his favorite show before 2011?
Who is his girlfriend?
What is his and Selena's dog's name?
What day was he born on?
What is his label?
Who'd he ask out but got rejected by?
What is his shoe size?
What is his nationality?
Is Justin Bieber a righty or a lefty
What is his favorite slang word?
What is his favorite pie?
Who is his celebrity crush?
What is his favorite beverage?
At what age did he have his first kiss?
When did he start dating?
How old was Justin when his parents divorced?
What day did Justin Bieber guest star in CSI?
He used to be afraid of....
How much money were his Gucci High Tops?
He's afraid of
true or false. Justin has claustrophobia
Does he have a skype account?
What does he post on?
He is the second most followed twitter account, who is the first?
What is his middle name?
What celebrity does he share a birthday with?
How many months did it take for My World to go platinum?
What is Justin Bieber's newest album?
How many mentions does he get on twitter per second?
How many kids does he want?
What is his favorite animal?
True or False. Is he the most searched person on the internet?
What was the tattoo parlors name where Justin got his first tattoo?
What day did Justin hit 1 million followers on Twitter?
Where does Justin get his hair done?
What is Justin's tutor's name?
How tall is Justin Bieber?
What is the most watched music video ever?
True or False. Justin is a pisces?
How many times does Justin say 'smile' in 'u smile'
What song on all of JB's album's is a cover?
True or False. Justin doesnt like clowns.
What color does Justin's eyes turn in the sunlight?
What is Justin's step mother's name?
What language can Justin speak except for English?
How many people are named Justin Bieber in America?
Can Justin do a front flip?
Can Justin do a back flip?
What was the first Japanese phrase Justin learned?
When Justin Bieber was born, how much did he weigh?
What type of apple item does Justin have, and prize the most?
What are Justin's two favorite type of fruits?
How old was Justin when he first become friends with bffl Ryan?
Where was the first place Justin Bieber performed Never Say Never?
Where did Justin find his backround dancers?
What religion is Justin Bieber?
What is his favorite food?
What magazine called him the hottest star in 2009?
What is his favorite shoe brand?
What is his favorite number?
How old was he when he was signed?
Type in-Justin is my hero and is way cooler than Lady Gaga

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