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Right annie, I'll start off easy, what's faction do i play on Wow?
what's my favouite beer?
what's my favouite scifi film?
what's my favourite meat?
and how do i have it?
what's mah favvy type of film?
does oscar wear a collar?
what's my favourite part of the female annatomy?
hello annie!
what's my favourite HBO tv show?
Right now I'll make these harder (oooh down boy!) what colour is my computer room?
which colour do i have trouble seeing? :(
favoruite celebrity's wife?
do i have a scar on my left thumb or right?
wwhat type of phone do i have?
what onsies did have?
what did i get your for your birthday 2013?
where did we go for your birthday 2012?
where did we orginally plan to do on holiday to?
what beer did we put in my yard on christmas?
how many zoos have we been to?
what burger do i have from the mouse?
biggest fear?
how tall am i? six foot,,,
fav you tubers?
what did you get me for my birthday 2013?
marval or DC comics?
if i could fly anything, what would it be
fav animated series
in my bed room there a poster with a picture of every version of a certain video game character who is it?

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