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QUIZ: Can you name the Songs from 5 words or less in their lyrics?

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All that glitters is gold
Truly yours, your biggest fan
Seamstress for the band
Sock it to me
Flying machines in pieces
Party like it's your birthday
Here we are now
She kept the motor clean
Laces of my shoe
Memory has just been sold
I said something wrong
I can hear you a'cryin'
If you're havin girl problems
With every paper I'd deliver
It's a suicide rap
Ladder's 'bout to fall
Black cats and voodoo dolls
You get what you need
Like Elvis, without the tassels
The stars of your love
I say,'no,no,no'
She's a triflin' friend indeed
It's easy if you try
One burning desire
Hold on to that feelin'

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