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A big, hairy spider on a stick. What can go wrong?
Many a man and lady squeak upon seeing me in their home, but if you salt and fry me in Kenya, you've got a meal on your hands!
A bird may rest in me, but I'm even better in a broth in China.
You can find me in Cambodia and Vietnam. I'm a young little duck that hasn't quite hatched. I'm delicious, feathers and all.
Some parts of the world think that Asia and Mexico are hopping mad, because when they see me fried up, all you hear are crickets....
Drinking me issss perfectly sssafe, I assssure you. It's because of the Ethanol.
Feeling cocky? Then try eating this bit off the top of my head. That'll give you something to crow about.
Take a flying rodent and boil it in coconut milk. Guessing this one will just drive you batty, eh Sporcler?
If you really want to take the me by the horns, I'm a deep fried treat for your modern day cowboy. Let's just say you'll need some big....ahem...to eat me.
Want some really tasty coffee? Find me in Indonesia, after I go through a kitty's digestive tract.
I'm certainly dangerous to eat. Prepare me incorrectly, and poisoning is sure to follow. You'll find me at many an asian restaurant, picked up from the sea.
Let me rot long enough, and the maggots soon come in. To Italy, I'm a delicacy. I'm pure, rotten sheep milk.
I'm still alive when I'm put on the plate. Try watching someone else eat me. I'll assure you, it'll leave you kraken up!

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