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Can you name the Donkey Kong Country Bosses?

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Donkey Kong CountryKongo Jungle
Donkey Kong CountryMonkey Mines
Donkey Kong CountryVine Valley
Donkey Kong CountryGorilla Glacier
Donkey Kong CountryKremkroc Industries Inc.
Donkey Kong CountryChimp Caverns
Donkey Kong CountryGangplank Galleon
Donkey Kong LandGangplank Galleon Ahoy!
Donkey Kong LandKremlantis
Donkey Kong LandMonkey Mountains
Donkey Kong LandBig Ape City
Diddy's Kong QuestGangplank Galleon
Diddy's Kong QuestCrocodile Cauldron
Diddy's Kong QuestKrem Quay
Diddy's Kong QuestKrazy Kremland
Diddy's Kong QuestGloomy Gulch
Diddy's Kong Quest K. Rool's Keep
Diddy's Kong QuestThe Flying Krock
Diddy's Kong QuestThe Lost World
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Lake Orangatanga
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Kremwood Forest
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Cotton Top Cove
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Mekanos
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!K3
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Pacifica (
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Razor Ridge
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!KAOS Kore
Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Krematoa
Donkey Kong 64Jungle Japes
Donkey Kong 64Angry Aztec
Donkey Kong 64Frantic Factory
Donkey Kong 64Gloomy Galleon
Donkey Kong 64Crystal Caves
Donkey Kong 64Fungi Forest
Donkey Kong 64Creepy Castle
Donkey Kong 64King Kruiser II
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsJungle
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsBeach
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsRuins
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsCave
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsForest
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsCliff
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsFactory
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsVolcano
Tropical FreezeLost Mangroves
Tropical FreezeAutumn Heights
Tropical FreezeBright Savanna
Tropical FreezeSea Breeze Cove
Tropical FreezeJuicy Jungle
Tropical FreezeDonkey Kong Island

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