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Feline Anti-hero
Killer reptilian
Longs for his wife
World's greatest bounty hunter
World's greatest assassin
'Money, I've got lots of that.'
Riddle me this one
Fastest feline villain
We're all mad here
Always enjoys a good laugh
Only has one body part left
Superboy's inverse self
All that glitters
He may be this, but he's not wooly
He has a twin with the same first name
This is his twin
¿Hablo español?
'Live or die?' *flip* 'Die.'
The evil Kryptonian
'Get your paws off me you darn dirty ape!'
He may get trapped in a bug zapper.
Another killer with a cold, cold heart.
The predecessor of Billy Batson
Just a really old caveman.
Likes to show his dark side
Fights with his third eye
Dictator of Warworld
Has a green thumb

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