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Can you name the present day countries in which these famous battles were fought?

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Battle of Thermopylae480 BC
Siege of Tyre332 BC
Battle of Gaugamela (Arbela)331 BC
Battle of Fei233 BC
Battle of Cannae216 BC
Battle of Zama202 BC
Siege of Masada72-73
Battle of Salsu612
Battle of Hastings1066
Battle of Agincourt1415
Siege of Constantinople1453
Siege of Tenochtitlan1521
Battle of Panipat1526
Siege of Vienna1529
Battle of Cajamarca1532
Battle of Quebec1759
Battle of Warsaw1792
Battle of Austerlitz1805
Battle of Leipzig1813
Battle of Waterloo1815
Battle of Balaclava1854
Battle of Gettysburg1863
Battle of El Alamein1942
Battle of Guadalcanal1942-1943
Battle of Stalingrad1942-1943
Battle of Okinawa1945
Battle of Inchon1950
Bay of Pigs Invasion1961
Tet Offensive1968
Siege of Sarajevo1992-1996
Battle of Mogadishu1993
Battle of Tora Bora2001

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