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Can you name the winners of each task in Taskmaster Series 7?

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PRIZE TASK: Thing people most want to touch
Make the quickest and best quick-change outfit
Build the highest cardboard box tower
Work out the circumference of a caravan in baked beans
LIVE TASK: Make the most exotic fruit hat, you may only touch the fruit using the grabbers
PRIZE TASK: Boldest belt
Write a ten word story while running to a finish line. Fastest person with a complete story wins
TEAM TASK: Whilst blindfolded, one team member must paint a still life scene whilst the others guide them, using only the words on the card
Predict what one of the other contestants will do with the objects presented, then perform an action for one of the other contestants to predict
Draw the biggest and best circle
LIVE TASK: Build the highest can tower while inside a hoop. Highest can tower 10 seconds after the whistle wins.
TIE-BREAK TASK: Guess the number on Alex's left forearm (between Jess and Kerry)
PRIZE TASK: Best thing from the 90's
Excite Alex. Greatest increase in heart rate wins
Make the best noise. You must begin with 'This is my best noise'.
Get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible without carrying it, only by striking it
LIVE TASK: Silently mouth a ten word fact to Greg. Most words understood wins.
BONUS TASK: Which contestant had the best fact?
PRIZE TASK: Most confusing thing
Work out what the switch does. Do not take the switch out of the room
Whilst in a lift, dramatically alter your appearance using items in a case. Your alterations must occur between when the lift doors close and reopen
Make the scales read exactly 31.770 kg for at least 5 seconds
LIVE TASK: Correctly wear the most additional items of clothing while handcuffed
TIE-BREAK TASK: Make the best paper plane from loo roll. Furthest flight wins (between James and Rhod)
PRIZE TASK: Worst gift from a named relative
Deliver the task in the most spectacular way to Alex
SPECIAL TASK: Make the most white circles on the target behind the line. Phil was given 20 minutes, everyone else had 5 minutes. Who scored more, Phil or everyone else added up?
Cheer up this former traffic warden
TEAM TASK: Make yourselves appear as big or as small as possible
LIVE TEAM TASK: Place an object on the hanger alternately, with no more than 20 seconds. Whoever makes it fall loses.
PRIZE TASK: Best key
Put exactly 50 different things in this bin
Using all the items from your bin, make the best picture of the Taskmaster
TEAM TASK: Write and perform the most suspenseful soap opera cliffhanger, lasting at most one minute
Select a box, and without breaking any, place the 10 pairs of glasses into it. Smallest box wins.
LIVE TASK: Get your doughnut as high as possible, while holding hands with the people beside you
PRIZE TASK: Most exciting thing beginning with G
Throw something into the bin on the other side of the fence. You may not use ladders, touch the fence, and you must stay that side of the fence
Don't blink. Your time starts in 10 seconds
TEAM TASK: Make the best extension to the Taskmaster house
Make the best Christmas cracker
LIVE TASK: Hit the drum on stage in exactly 9.58 seconds
BONUS POINT: Which contestant had the most magnificent walk to the drum?
PRIZE TASK: Creepiest thing
Poke the most unexpected thing through the hole in the roof of the grotto
Follow the instructions on the tasks in a scavenger hunt (the task ends when you scream)
Compose the best 30 second piece of music
LIVE TASK: Bob - Bob, Pat - Pat, Kneel - Neil, Stew - Stu, Wane - Wayne.
PRIZE TASK: Most surprisingly beautiful thing
Put the most money in the floating bowl without touching it or making it sink.
SPECIAL TASK: Between Jessica, Kerry and Rhod, take a photo of yourself wearing this fez in the most unusual situation
SPECIAL TASK: Between James and Phil, improve on an initial hula. Biggest improvement wins.
Find the sock containing a satsuma, with restrictions on what you're allowed to do with the socks
TEAM TASK: Rally to exactly 24. You must be at least 6 ft, 8 in apart and perform an equal number of shots
BONUS POINT: Which team had the most ambitious equipment?
LIVE TASK: Write your name and draw a happy horse - the horse must be drawn upside down and you may not rotate your canvas
PRIZE TASK: Most magnificent stationery
When you hear the siren sound in a future task, put a boiler suit and lie on the ground.
FInd the hard boiled egg. You may touch two eggs, and damage two eggs, but you may not damage the boiled egg
Physically recreate a classic video game
Tie yourself up as securely as possible. Alex will try to free you after 10 minutes. (siren sounds after 5 minutes)
LIVE TASK: Poke the person in front of you with either a sausage or a finger. If they guess incorrectly, they will be eliminated
FINAL RESULTS: Who was the winner of Taskmaster Series 7?

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