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Is this the way to Andoharanomaintso! (There's no shame in retaking this brutal spelling quiz.)

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A Straightforward HintSome Orthographical Genius
H - 35th Book of the Bible
E - The study of the End Times
S - Hellenic Empire, Founded in 312 BC
D - Checkers
W - Very common Southern African game species
F - Considering something to be valueless
G - Capital of Botswana
K - Third tallest mountain in the world
R - Vitamin B2
U - Hypothetical element with atomic number 119
X - Yellowish discoloration, fruit farming disease
A - Christian School of Thought relating to grace and human free will
T - Prescription sedative notorious for its side effects
A Straightforward HintSome Orthographical Genius
Z - Rain lily, a species of Amaryllis
P - Chemical element, rare earth metal
I - Mayor of New York, 1950-53
Y - A round Jewish cap
B - Division of a trial into a two parts
M - Brothers, inventors of the first hot air balloon
J - Salted seafood in Korean cuisine
O - A word that sounds like sound it describes
N - Chemical element, symbol Nd
Q - The most widely spoken indigenous language of South America
L - The Sundance Kid's surname
V - Italian pasta, lit. 'little worms'
C - The Father of Athenian Democracy

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