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It's a long way to Tálknafjarðarhreppur! (There's no shame in retaking this brutal spelling quiz.)

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A Straightforward HintSome Orthographical Genius
F - Dutch footnall team
N - Babylonian king who exiled the people of Judah
I - Political movements seeking to reclaim land
Q - Non-inuit
J - Nehru's first name
Z - Spirit of the times (German)
H - The study of sin
L - Mathematical term coined by Scot, John Napier
E - Bovine spongiform ...
Y - Milo's first name
V - Throwing one's voice
P - Common Christian denomination
T - Someone or something that lives underground
A Straightforward HintSome Orthographical Genius
X - Mexican hairless dog
M - Northeasterlymost German state
C - The pupal stage of butterflies
A - Type of shock, caused by an allergic reaction
O - One of the great apes
D - The doctrine of the two natures of Christ
S - Great Finnish famine
K - Danish philosopher and theologian
B - Chemical element with atomic number 4
U - Capital of Mongolia
R - Capital of Iceland
W - Worldview (German)
G - Royal Hungarian Army's Rapid Corps

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