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Hódmezővásárhely wasn't built in a day! (There's no shame in retaking this brutal spelling quiz.)

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A Straightforward HintSome Orthographical Genius
N - Capital of Palau
M - King of Pontus and Armenia Minor
W - Pope John Paul II's surname
P - Volcano in Mexico
C - Resource-rich Indian state
Y - Chemical element Yb
G - French Caribbean overseas department
B - World's Tallest Building
H - Mausuleum, site of one of the seven wonders of the world
U - Creator God in Zulu
X - Greek whey cheese
Q - The current geological period
T - Capital of the Aztec Empire
A Straightforward HintSome Orthographical Genius
Z - The eighth power of a number
A - Capital of Madagascar
K - Hawaiian Musician, Israel …
F - Railway in Wales
D - Medical symptom, 'the runs'
S - Northernmost German state
J - Fourth King of Judah
O - Papyri discovered by Grenfell and Hunt
L - Station in Wales (shorter version)
R - Repeat offending behaviour
V - Gaulish chieftain, defeated Julius Caesar at Gergovia/Asterix character
I - Native American tribe
E - Icelandic volcano, erupted 2010

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