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Presidents regarded as founders of their modern states

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TanzaniaLived 1922-99. Died of leukemia in London in 1999.
KazakhstanBorn 1940. Offered post of Vice President of the Soviet Union, which he declined.
RussiaLived 1931-2007. Born in Butka, Soviet Union. In the year after his birth, the state would confiscate the village's entire harvest.
ItalyLived 1877-1959. Esteemed penal lawyer.
Czech RepublicLived 1936-2011. Critic of the European Union, which he compared to the Soviet Union.
SloveniaBorn 1941. Born into a family of a Lutheran teacher, his family was resettled during the Nazi occupation.
KenyaLived 1893-1978. Educated at a Church of Scotland mission
SingaporeLived 1910-70. Orchid enthusiast.
South AfricaLived 1918-2013. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
United StatesLived 1732-99. Tutored by an Anglican clergyman.
BelarusBorn 1954. Self-described Orthodox atheist.
TurkeyLived 1881-1938. Granted equal civil and political rights to women.
FranceLived 1808-73. Founded the 'Liberal Empire'.
IndiaLived 1884–1963. Led led state visits to Japan, Ceylon, USSR, Indo-China, Malaya and Indonesia.
South KoreaLived 1875-1965. Christian, died in exile in Honolulu, Hawaii.
GuineaLived 1922-84. A co-founder of the African Union
GeorgiaLived 1939-93. Former anti-Communist dissident.
PhilippinesLived 1878–1944. Buried for a time in the Arlington National Cemetery.
Indonesia1901-70. Married nine times.
CroatiaLived 1922-99. Wrote the 2000+ page history, Hrvatska u monarhističkoj Jugoslaviji.

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