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Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie (1594)
Leviathan (1651)
The New Science (1725)
The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759)
Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790)
The Cartagen Manifesto (1812)
Elements of the Philosophy of Right (1821)
Democracy in America (1835, 1840)
The Law (1850)
On Liberty (1859)
A Writer's Diary (1873–1881)
The East, Russia, and Slavdom (1885–1886)
Selo (1891)
The Sense of Beauty (1896)
Up from Slavery (1901)
Trattato di sociologia generale (1916)
The Decline of the West (1918, 1922)
Tradition and the Individual Talent (1920)
We (1927)
The Revolt of the Masses (1930)
The Whig Interpretation of History (1931)
The Concept of the Political (1932)
Revolt against the Modern World (1934)
The Ruling Class (1939)
The Road to Serfdom (1944)
Ideas have Consequences (1948)
The Second World War (1948–53)
A Mind at Peace (1949)
God and Man at Yale (1951)
The Bias of Communication (1951)
The Conservative Mind (1953)
Philosophical Investigations (1953)
How Should We Then Live? (1955)
The Gulag Archipelago (1958-1968)
The Conscience of a Conservative (1960)
The Liberal Mind (1963)
A Choice not an Echo (1964)
Suicide of the West (1964)
The Open Church (1964)
Understanding Media (1964)
Lament for a Nation (1965)
Say's Law (1972)
Chronicles of Wasted Time (1972)
The New Majority: President Nixon at Mid-Passage (1973)
Art and Imagination (1974)
The Antitrust Paradox (1978)
Conservative Millenarians (1979)
Free to Choose: A personal statement (1980)
The New History and the Old (1987)
The Closing of the American Mind (1987)
The New Science of Politics (1987)
The Downing Street Years (1993)
Heritability and Causality (1993)
Who Stole Feminism (1995)
The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy (1996)
Homosexuality and American Public Life (intro.) (1999)
What's at Stake in the K-12 Standards Wars (contrib.) (2000)
First Person (2000)
The Death of the West (2001)
Fighting the Mafia and Renewing Sicilian Culture (2003)
Life at the Bottom (2003)
The Art of the Commonplace (2003)
Londonistan (2007)
Defending the West (2007)
Tenured Radicals (2008)
The Rage against God (2010)
Fanged Noumena (2011)
The Fourth Political Theory (2012)
Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians (2013)
Please Stop Helping Us (2014)
Abode of Love (2014)
The Demon in Democracy (2016)
The New Trail of Tears (2016)
The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise (2016)
Fed Up (2017)
The Strange Death of Europe (2017)

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