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Can you complete the titles or first lines of these common Christian hymns, songs and choruses?

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SongMissing Word
Jesus shall take the ____ honor
Be Thou my ____
Tell out my ____
All the ____ my Savior leads me
Jesus, ____ for Jesus
Give me that old time ____
In the name of Jesus we have the ____
O ____ night
____ is thy faithfulness
Love Divine, all loves ____
Amazing grace, how sweet the ____
O for a ____ tongues to sing
Be ____, O God, above the nations
Ascribe ____ to our God the Rock
____ my God to Thee
In the morning when I ____
How deep the Father's ____ for us
O ____, O ____, Emmanuel
Wade in the ____
I heard the voice of Jesus ____
My Lord, ____ a morning
____ to the Lord, the Almighty
Before the ____ of God above
Be ____ and know that I am God
Jesus, Name above all ____
Come Thou ____ of every blessing
Go down, ____
Are you ____ in the blood
When the ____ is called up yonder
There is ____ in the name of Jesus
SongMissing Word
At the foot of the ____
Create in me a clean ____
Crown Him with many ____
All ____ the power of Jesus' Name
By the rivers of ____
And can it be that I should ____
There is a Redeemer, Jesus, God's ____ Son
How ____ a foundation
The Lord is ____ and compassionate
O God, our ____ in ages past
You're the ____ of Judah
The King of Love my Shepherd ____
Here I am, ____ available
Guide ____, O Thou Great Jehovah
These are the days of ____
____, Invisible, God only wise
I need Thee every ____
The battle ____ to the Lord
Take the ____, but give me Jesus
In the ____ by and by
Down by the ____
____ and obey
I know that my Redeemer ____
The ____ love of the Lord never ceases
It is ____ with my soul
Swing low, sweet ____
Rock of ____
He ____ my soul in the creft of the rock
To God be the ____
___, ____, ____, Lord God Almighty

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