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The song ''Singing in the Rain'' was used for this film because it was the only song the actor could remember when asked to ad-lib for the scene.
The actor described his character's voice in this film as ''a combination of Truman Capote and Katharine Hepburn.''
Three actors were cast in this film to replace their friend who died during production. All three donated their earnings to support their friend's daughter.
This Oscar winning film was the first Best Picture to have depicted the film industry, and the first to show an Oscar statuette in the film.
In this film, two characters beat on a new VW Beetle. The actors insisted on the new Beetle as it represents 'the Baby Boomer generation marketing its youth culture to us.'
An actor in this film is an Englishman who uses an American accent. He insisted his dialect coach play a woman he shoots as she was hard on him.
The actress was at a ''fat farm'' to lose weight when she learned she was cast as Sofia in this film. She had to leave immediately as the role required her to be large.
The Spanish Army accidently blew up a bridge when no cameras were running. The Army ended up building another bridge to blow up for the film.
The producers for this film were fined $5000 for allowing a character to say the word ''Damn.''
The famous ad-libbed scene from this movie was originally scripted as simply ''Travis looks in the mirror.''
Two of the most popular actors alive had both appeared in a famous sequel, but it wasn't until this film, years later, that the two finally shared a scene.
By sheer chance, a jacket worn by Professor Marvel had belonged to the author who had written the beloved book upon which this movie was based.

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