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Can you name the Metal Bands Starting With 'J' and 'K'?

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Melodic Death MetalSwamplord, The Black Waltz
Folk MetalVoice Of Wilderness, Korven Kuningas
Progressive/Doom MetalDance Of December Souls, Viva Emptiness
Heavy Metal/NWOBHMSad Wings Of Destiny, Painkiller
Death Metal/DeathcoreGenesis, Ruination
Black MetalThy Dying Light, Heaven In Flames
Death MetalShadows And Dust, In The Arms Of Devastation
Stoner Metal/RockBlues For The Red Sun, ...And The Circus Leaves Town
Melodic Power MetalKarma, The Black Halo
Heavy MetalAbigail, The Eye
Thrash MetalPleasure To Kill, Enemy Of God
Symphonic/Folk MetalShadowheart, Betrayal Justice Revenge
Death MetalConquerquers Of Armageddon, Southern Storm
Melodic Black/Death MetalArmada, Kolossus

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