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Can you name the Metal Bands Starting With 'C'?

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Melodic Death MetalHatebreeder, Blooddrunk
Depressive Black MetalMelacholie^2
Black MetalDefending The Throne Of Evil, Black Shining Leather
Doom MetalForest Of Equilibrium, The Ethereal Mirror
Progressive MetalFocus, Traced In Air
Celtic Folk MetalFolk-lore, Pagan
Progressive MetalThe First Chapter, Isolate
Grindcore/Death MetalHeartwork, Reek Of Putrefaction
Symphonic Black MetalThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh, Thornography
DeathcoreDead In My Arms, Hell Chose Me
Death MetalEvisceration Plague, Tomb Of The Mutilated
Groove Metal/MetalcorePass Out Of Existence, The Impossibility Of Reason
Thrash/Death/Black MetalTo Mega Therion, Monotheist
Power MetalReign Of Elements, Mortal Mind Creation

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