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Caesar crosses the Rubicon
Alexander the Great dies
Romans conquer Jerusalem, burn Temple
Muhhamed has first experience of inspiration on Mt. Hira
Umar is killed
Socrates condemned to death
Gospel of Mark written
The Second Temple completed
Pope Benedict XVI's address at the University of Regensburg
Council fo Nicaea
Gospel of John written
Buddhism founded by Siddhartha
Battle of the Milvian Bridge (Constantine's vision of the Cross)
Red Sox win the World Series
Paul writes Romans
Synod Assembly of Middle East Bishops
Council of Chalcedon
Crusaders conquer Jerusalem
Ali is killed
Abd al-Jabbar writes the Critique of Christian Origins
Battle of Hastings
Nostra Aetate promulgated
Husayn is martyred at Karbala
Muhammad emigrates to Medina
Ottomans conquer Constantinople from the Byzantine Christians
Luther nails his theses to the church door in Wittenberg
Muhammad dies
Jesus crucified and raised from the dead
Iranian Revolution
Abu Makr dies
Jews return from Babylonian exile
The babylonians destroy Jerusalem and the Temple, Jews deported to Babylon
Muhammad born
Babylon falls to Darius the Persian
Confucius begins to teach
Solomon begins to build the Temple in Jerusalem
Arab armies conquer Jerusalem from Byzantine Christians

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