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a capsule
a tablet (pill)
to hit, bump against
to cut oneself
a hacker
a game console
to lose weight
to rerun
to have a stomachache
a (broken) link
to care for (oneself)
pimples, zits
a pill
to require
aching muscles
an online sale
to heal; to recover (from)
a soap opera
a wound
a shot
to digest (well)
to stay in shape
rubella (German measles)
a comic strip
a stranger
to feel
to subscribe to
to print
the keyboard
a horror film
a web addict
a female director
to complain (about)
an emergency
identity theft
a sprain
the production
to make a diagnosis
fitness exercise
distribution, circulation
an ad, a commercial
to protect
a personal web site
to stretch
a male director
to fall
to swallow a fish bone
a TV channel
an address book
an attachement
to avoid (the sun)
to drop (something)
a printer
a screen star
an injured person
a (wasp) sting
a piece of equipment, appliance
a stretcher
to have a headache
a medicine
to knock over
install a (software) program
to get injured
a cast
a PDA with INternet access
to tempt
a service provider
a female sender
to rub
(computer) files
an herbal tea
to watch over
to suffer (from)
an Internet user
classified ads
to faint
the plot
to get burned
to slip, slide
a romantic comedy
a web magazine
the news
a datebook
the mouse
to be knocked over
an empty stomach
a female smuggler
to blow one's nose
to eat 'healthy'
a male smuggler
digital photos
a headache (headaches)
a fairy tale
a scar
to sprain an ankle
to share
an email address
to forbid
to access
to massage
medical care
the remote control
a text message
to eat a balanced diet
to save (a file)
to take (someone's) pulse
to sneeze
a TV or radio program
a Blue Tooth headset
to have a sore throat
to cough
a television set
a reality show
to prescribe a treatment
to be unconscious
a light sprain
a rash
a male sender
to take (someone) to the hospital
a cough
a multimedia center
to plant a cookie
to make (someone) ill
to lower (a fever)
a firewall
to unclog one's nose
to cheer (someone) up
a sleeping pill
to lift weights
to burn a CD
a cell phone; a laptop
special effects
a home page
nausea, heartburn
to inhale smoke
to forbid
a CD player
a pain
to keep (someone) up to date
a bandage
(stomach) flu
a stuffy nose
to break (an arm)
to ease, make feel better
contact information
to catch a cold
a portable MP3 player
information, data
a prescription
the keys (on a keyboard)
the screen
an MP3 player
(heat) cream

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