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The trouble with schools is the always try to teach the wrong lessons.
The floor creaks the door squeaks
With a little bit of bloomin luck
My unfortunate errection
I'm Flashin....Just Flashing
Do you think your what they say you are
You've been dreaming just one dream nearly all your life
I spent my days Just moonin
Prima Donna first lady of the stage
And I feel I live on forever. With Satan himself by my side.
I can still recall our last summer
Midnight not a sound in the moonlight
Your just too good to be true
God I hope I get it
At 3 I started hebrew school at ten I learned a trade. I hear they've picked a bride for me I hope she's pretty
All around the cathedral the saints and apostles look down as she sells her wey.
Off into the world we go planning futures shaping years
Easy on down the road
And all that i say can be told another way
Its called the Tango Maureen
Everybody's a little bit racist...sometimes
He had it coming (repeat) he only had himself ti blame
your fully dressed without a smile
You've got to pick a pocket or two
I whistle a happy tune

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