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The first of a series of these border barriers in Northern Ireland, that separate Catholic and Protestant neighbourhoods, were built in 1969
California rock concert where four people were killed in 1969
Nickname of the cultural exchange between the US and China in the early 1970s, that paved the way to a visit to Beijing by President Nixon
President Lyndon Johnson's agenda to wage war on poverty and advance civil rights
This team became the first to win the Super Bowl in 1967
A warning given by police in the US to criminal suspects in police custody, enshrined in U.S. law following the 1966 Supreme Court decision
Well coordinated military campaign of the Vietnam War, launched in 1968 by forces of the Viet Cong
This heavily-criticized Vietnam War battle was fought for ten days in 1969
Series of violent demonstrations in 1969 by members of the gay community in New York City, and kicked off the modern gay rights movement
Liberation movement which was founded in 1962 to fight for the independence of the Portuguese Overseas Province of Mozambique. Independence was achieved in 1975
This gas well fire in Algeria, who was extinguished by Red Adair and his team i 1961, was known by this nickname
Desegregation came to this university in 1962 which ended in a riot
U.S. President Johnson sends troops to this country to avoid 'another Cuba' in 1965
The first message is sent over this Internet forerunner in 1969 by U.S. Department of Defense
In this mass murder were 347-504 unarmed civilians killed in South Vietnam in 1968
Herbicid and defoliant used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War 1961-71
Literary prize awarded each year, since 1969, for the best original fiction novel, written in the English language, and published in the UK
1968 effort to gain economic justice for poor people in the US, organized by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
French term often used in reference to the general easing of the geo-political tensions between the USSR and the US which began in 1969
West Germany and France signed this treaty in 1963, for reconciliation between the two countries
Ring of spies in the UK, who passed information to the Soviet Union during WWII and was active at least into the early 1950s, among them Kim Philby
A series of nonviolent protests in North Carolina in 1960, which led to the Woolworth department store chain reversing its policy of racial segregation in the Southern US
Visual art movement who flourished under the influence of Andy Warhol
District of San Francisco, California, known for its history of, and being the origin of hippie subculture
Resolution in the US Congress which, in 1964, authorized use of 'conventional'' military force in Southeast Asia
Separatist paramilitary group active 1963-70, supported the Quebec sovereignty movement
This airplane model became the first Jumbo jet in 1969
South African Police opens fire on a crowd at the police station in the Transvaal township, killing 69
Students at this university burn draft cards and effigies of the president in protest of the Vietnam war in 1965
The pull over of an African-American motorist in Los Angeles in 1965 started this riot, which last for six days and resulted in 34 deaths
Economic and social campaign by the Communist Party of China 1958-61 which resulted in 18-45 million deaths, mostly from a famine
The first 515 km of thess high speed railway lines opened in Japan in 1964

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